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My son Jimmy with his first spring king 5/14/99

Albacore tuna caught July 10 2005

Sol Duc river spring salmon

Dave with two 40 plus pound kings.

A days catch of Halibut ranging from 30 to 70 pounds.

Rich with a twenty pound steelhead caught from the Sol Duc river.
Limits of Hoh river silvers.

29 pound fall king caught sep 99.
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Olympic Peninsula fishing photos

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Alec catches the big silver of the day. August 2009
Tom with a 35 pound king caught mooching near the Rockpile. Caught August 23 2007
Here is a really cool picture of a lingcod that swallowed a sea bass on the way up. Sea Lion rock in the background. Spring 2007
Chris with a chrome hen caught from the Hoh river March 22 2007.
Jacque with a big Hoh river steelhead. Caught April 5 2007
Fifty one albacore tuna which filled all are tote and cooler space, around 4 hours of fishing. Caught September 2006.
Brad with a nice Blue Dot king salmon caught July 2005.
Big Lingcod caught June 2005.
We got close to this historic boat when it was traveling to a wooden boat festival in Port Townsend Wa. September 2005
Carl struggling to get a halibut off the bottom on a trip to the Canadian side. June 2005
  Josh and dad Jeff with two silvers caught at the same time on the Hoh river. This is two of over twenty kings and silvers hooked on 11-13-03. JoshJeff.jpg (336188 bytes)
AirLapush.bmp (378278 bytes) Here is a great air shot I recently acquired. It shows the Coast Guard base in the foreground, the village of La Push and the mouth of the Quillayute river with James island and the Pacific ocean in the background.
A nice catch of Halibut during a one day opening in aug 2003. The majority of the season is in may. Halibut caught off the Olympic peninsula coastline.
Halibut caught during a summer salmon fishing charter. Incidental  catch, a halibut while lingcod fishing off of La Push. Notice the warm turquoise colored water, which resulted in slow salmon fishing off La Push early in the summer but red hot fishing to the north near the colder waters at Umatilla Reef.
King Salmon caught off of "Umatilla Reef" in July 2003. Chrome king salmon.
kings and silvers Nice table full of kings and silvers caught in July 2003.
Rich with a 20 pounder caught and released from the Hoh river. 3-4-03. Hoh river steelhead fishing
Sol Duc steelhead Garth with a chrome steelhead caught and released on 3-3-03.
Mark with a 20+ pound buck caught and released from the lower Hoh river on. 2-28-03. 20 pound plus olympic peninsula steelhead
12 pound hen steelhead Brian with a chrome Hoh river hen caught and released 2-26-03.
Annette with a beautiful 16 pound female steelhead caught and released on 2-24-03. Nice Hen from the upper Hoh.
Hatchery steelheed on a hoh river fishing charter Dick, Marvin and Jerry with limits of Hoh river hatchery steelhead.. Caught 11-29-02.
Bob, Ross, Chris and Bryant with full limits of big Quillayute river silvers. Caught. 10-19-02. Quillayute river silvers
Hoh river chinook salmon Dave with two 40+ pound kings. Caught 10-10-02.
      Terry with a nice Hoh river steelhead caught and released 4-6-02. Terry4-5-02.jpg (125170 bytes)
LyleKing3-28-02.jpg (137616 bytes)   Lyle holding a nice steelhead and our first spring king of the year a 24 pounder.  Best springer fishing is in May. Caught 3-28-02.

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