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Guided fishing trips with Quillayute River Guide Service fishing for king salmon coho salmon silver salmon and winter run steelhead trout on the rivers surrounding Forks Washington on the Olympic Peninsula.
Washington steelhead and salmon river fishing guides

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My son Jimmy with his first spring king 5/14/99

Albacore tuna caught July 10 2005

Sol Duc river spring salmon

Dave with two 40 plus pound kings.

A days catch of Halibut ranging from 30 to 70 pounds.

Rich with a twenty pound steelhead caught from the Sol Duc river.
Limits of Hoh river silvers.

29 pound fall king caught sep 99.
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Olympic Peninsula Salmon & Steelhead Fishing Guides for the Quillayute river system as well as the Hoh river.
Home of the healthiest native steelhead populations in the lower 48!
We are located on Washington's Olympic peninsula near the small town of Forks.
Steelhead fisherman from around the world have heard of the rivers we fish the Hoh, Sol Duc and Bogachiel. This area is often referred to as "The Steelhead
Capitol of the World".  These rivers flow from the rain forest slopes of the
Olympic National Park. Spawning beds for the salmon and steelhead have been
well protected from large population bases that have hurt the runs of many rivers
around the country. Motorized vessels are never used in these tranquil waters,
all trips are out of McKenzie style drift boats.

Online Booking is for ocean charters only please call and email to book cabins and guided river fishing Thanks

Fall Salmon fishing October and November
The state has a very large run prediction for the fall salmon season of 2010
and has increased the catch limits in the entire Quillayute river system!

Dave with two 40 pound plus kings. The first rains of the fall begins the annual migration of large runs of
salmon into the rivers of the Olympic peninsula. These rivers boast
some of the largest silver salmon in the world. They are very
numerous and average over ten pounds with several caught over
twenty pounds yearly. King salmon also enter the rivers in the fall
and can reach weights up to sixty pounds. Limits for salmon is
three per day. Most often used techniques are spinners, jigs and
occasionally back trolling large plugs when the water is murky.

Steelhead fishing November through April

During late November through January we fish for
hatchery steelhead which average 5-15 pounds. In
January the first pushes of native steelhead appear in
local rivers. Steelhead on Olympic peninsula streams
can reach weights of 30+ pounds, several 20+ pound
steelhead are taken yearly.
Big Sol Duc steelhead
Hoh river steelhead These fish are renowned for there fighting ability, they
often jump several times and can quickly empty your
spool of line. They are also a considerably smarter fish
as opposed to salmon in finding ways to avoid capture.
Limit is one fish per angler, although some of our guest
choose to catch & release to help preserve one of
a handful of areas in the world that still offer world
class steelhead fishing.
During steelhead season we fish only one technique,
drift fishing. It allows you to hook the fish and is
a great learning experience for your personal fishing
trips. We use ultra light 9.5 foot GLX GLoomis rods and
Shimano stradic reels, makes for a fun fight! During
day we will typically fish 12-15 miles of river casting
into every conceivable location. Also a few stops for
bank fishing, lunch and to take a break.
Hoh river "hen" steelhead

Saltwater fishing charters out of La Push Marina

Albacore tuna caugh september 2005 During the summer months of mid April - September our
local rivers become low and clear and the fishing
gets real tough. This is when we move are operation
14 miles west to the tiny village of La Push. It is lightly
fished compared to other Washington ports but offers
world class saltwater fishing for halibut, rockfish, tuna and
salmon. Click on the saltwater link for details. Thanks

Fishermen of all experience levels are welcome.
A 50% deposit is required
(refundable if notified three weeks in advance)
Rates for the upcoming 2010-2011 steelhead season and the 2011 fall salmon season.
Multi boat trips of up to 12 people can easily be arranged. corporate accounts are welcome.

Winter Steelhead
Dec 1 thru Apr 30
Summer run Steelhead
Aug 1 thru Sep 31

Fall Salmon
Oct 1 thru Nov 30
Spring King Salmon
May 1 thru May 31

8-9 hr trips.
$300 for 1 person
$380 for 2 people
Fishing for native Olympic peninsula steelhead.

8-9 hr. trips
$300 for 1 person
$380 for 2 persons

Fishing for fall:
Silver Salmon
and King Salmon.

TOLL FREE 1-888-501-5887 visa.gif (1874 bytes)  mastercard.gif (1536 bytes)  360-374-2660
Visa and Mastercard are accepted. With a 4% charge.
Here to view are saltwater charter rates.

What to Bring:
License, Lunch & Beverage, Camera, Boots &
Raingear, Layered Clothing, Ice Cooler for Catch,
If desired your favorite rod and reel.


License Information for 2005

Washington Freshwater License fees includes Salmon and Steelhead







2 day



Gift Certificates from Quillayute River Guide Service

stocking.bmp (7058 bytes) Have you been looking for that perfect present for a family member, co-worker or a good client? We have gift certificates, we find that they make great gifts for Christmas, fathers day, mothers day, anniversaries and other special occasions. The recepitant of the gift will have the convenience of a one year period to schedule a fishing trip on the ocean or rivers that best fits his or her schedule and fishing preference.

Online Booking is for ocean charters only please call and email to book cabins and guided river fishing Thanks

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Jim Richeson
Quillayute River Guide Service
Steelhead and Salmon Fishing

Toll Free 1-888-501-5887 Local 360-374-2660
e-mail jricheson@centurytel.net

Jim Richeson
P.O. box 71
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