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My son Jimmy with his first spring king 5/14/99

Albacore tuna caught July 10 2005

Sol Duc river spring salmon

Dave with two 40 plus pound kings.

A days catch of Halibut ranging from 30 to 70 pounds.

Rich with a twenty pound steelhead caught from the Sol Duc river.
Limits of Hoh river silvers.

29 pound fall king caught sep 99.
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Where exactly is your boat moored?
There are only two ramps to get down to the boats in the La Push Marina, this year we have moved to the eastern ramp, the one further from the ocean and closer to the Coast Guard. We are on the end of dock C, (stall C-10) which is a slight left at the bottom of the ramp and straight down to the end. White 31 foot boat. "Top Notch" on bow and stern of the boat.

Do you sell fishing license's on the boat?
We do not sell them on boat and there is no one in La push that does either. Forks Outfitters in the south end of Forks is open till 9pm and sells them. Also can be picked up on way out at stores such as Wal-Mart, Fred meyer etc. Can be purchased online at this link WDFW Online Licensing.


I am thinking of bringing my children out fishing, how old do you think they should be and do you offer a discount?
For trips that require more travel such as tuna and halibut I would suggest being at least 13, for shorter range trips like bottom fish
or mid range like salmon 9 years. Bottom fishing is probably the bet trip to start kids because there usually very little need for
patience. River trips are also a good choice for younger children. Although we would like to give discounts for kids we are unable
to at this time due to the high cost of operating a charter boat.

What is a long range salmon trip?
There are times during the summer when the weather is nice to run to places such as the Prairie and Blue
Dot which is on the northern end of the Prairie. When I feel that there is better fishing in these places I will
let my guest know and give them the option, in 2010 there will be a $10 fuel surcharge on these trips.
We consider trips with over fifty miles round trip long range.

Do you mooch or troll on your salmon charters?
We mooch on about 95% of our salmon charters, this lets all six people fish at once.

How long do your trips last and what time do you leave?
Our trips May-July leave the dock at 5am by early August we begin to bump the times back some with the loss
of daylight. River trips leave around daylight. All our trips usually last 8-9 hours except tuna fishing which is around a 11-12 hour trip.

When is the best time to fish halibut and should I come during small tides?
The open ocean is different then inside waters as the tide book is no predictor of ocean currents, many times
there can be more current when the tides in the book are smaller. We had a 100% limit rate on all our trips
last year both on the Washington and Canadian side. The only thing that could be problem is cancellation
do to bad weather.

How large of groups can you take in a day?
In the saltwater our boat takes six passengers a day but there are two other charters in La Push that we work
closely with making it possible to take up to groups up to 14. These trips work out great we make a point of fishing close to each other most of the day. In the rivers we can handle groups up to 12, two persons per
drift boat. Larger groups usually require more lead time in booking.

Do you offer a discount if we fill your whole boat or fish multiple days?
We do have a great full boat discount for some select dates on out Ling cod/Sea Bass trips.
No other full boat discounts are available on any other type of trip.

Do you offer fly fishing trips on the oceans or rivers?
No we do not, but we do use the lightest fishing gear possible for each fishery.

Can I bring a cooler on the boat?
The larger coolers used for fish transit are best left in your vehicle until we come back in. Small to medium coolers for
lunch and beverages are not a problem.

Is it ok to bring my own fishing pole?
Yes you can although most of the time but not always the gear we provide is of higher quality and
better suited for the particular fishery then the gear that is brought on board.

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e-mail jricheson@centurytel.net

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